Keeping Your Science Safe With Laboratory Monitoring

Protect Valuable Assets and Support Regulatory Compliance

Working in a busy, fast-paced laboratory setting, it is easy to overlook systems running in the background such as freezers, incubators, and even heating and ventilation units. However, these systems and instruments are critical for safe sample storage and successful experimental outcomes. Deviation outside of specific parameters can be catastrophic. Power outages, equipment failures, and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) problems may result in the loss of valuable, often irreplaceable samples, not to mention adverse quality and regulatory implications. Continuously monitoring equipment and ambient conditions reduces these risks, but it is time-consuming and it requires personnel on call at all times to prevent potential catastrophes. XiltriX Lab Monitoring-as-a-Service provides a real-time data acquisition system and 24/7 SafetyNet team of experts to continuously monitor lab equipment and environmental conditions, creating customized quality reports adhering to the highest US and international standards, mitigating risks, and minimizing the burden on internal resources.  The SafetyNet team also monitors for deviations and patterns to predict equipment likely to fail in the near future and are in need of preventative maintenance. XiltriX monitoring solutions are highly flexible and integrate into any lab, offer excellent reliability, and benefit individual laboratory staff while supporting the entire organization.

Alarm escalation protocol for lab monitoring

A fully configurable escalation protocol including local alarms, text messages, emails and phone calls, ensures designated personnel are successfully notified when an abnormality is detected.

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Adaptable for Diverse Equipment and Facility Layouts

No two laboratories are alike. Every lab is equipped with different instruments and has a unique layout that facilitates specific processes. As such, a laboratory monitoring system must seamlessly integrate with a wide range of instruments and adapt to a variety of physical spaces. The XiltriX monitoring system can be easily incorporated into a new build, but it can also be customized to adapt to any existing lab and integrate with virtually any sensor. Laboratory facilities expand or downsize, can span across multiple buildings or geographies, and integrate new instruments and processes over time. Flexibility and reliability are key features that will ensure a monitoring system can meet constantly evolving laboratory needs. XiltriX solutions are designed with flexibility in mind, and can be scaled in parallel with changes in the laboratory. From vivariums to pharmaceutical labs, and everything in between, a XiltriX monitoring solution can be designed to suit every lab.


XiltriX laboratory monitoring can be customized for numerous parameters, instruments, and spatial configurations.

Prioritizing Reliability

The benefits of laboratory monitoring are lost if the system is not robust enough. A system that is reliant on the monitored equipment itself, fails to alert of changes in critical parameters, uses a data-logging approach, or is ineffective at detecting potential issues before they result in a failure, offers minimal asset protection. A system that generates too many alarms is also ineffective. Unnecessary alerts usually become bothersome to laboratory staff, and are eventually ignored due to alarm fatigue. In this case, a potentially critical alarm may be overlooked. The XiltriX solution uses its own sensors and is designed to run independently from the alarm functionality of the monitored equipment itself. This allows the visualization of fluctuations in temperature, humidity or any parameter being measured, instead of only “alarm on/alarm off” awareness. In addition, XiltriX is a true real-time system that measures data from every sensor every few seconds, compares it against pre-set limits, and assesses whether a pre-alarm or a full alarm needs to be issued. This is very different from data loggers, which accumulate data at the local sensor level, only to transmit and analyze in intervals of minutes or hours and can sacrifice valuable time after a problem has occurred. XiltriX features multiple layers of redundancy to ensure monitoring continuity and eliminate data loss, even in the event of power or connectivity failures.  A fully configurable escalation protocol including local alarms, text messages, emails and phone calls, ensures designated personnel are successfully notified when an abnormality is detected. If these individuals do not acknowledge an alarm, the XiltriX SafetyNet team will intercede and contact supervisors or managers to ensure the alert was received, and appropriate action is being taken. Finally, XiltriX does not rely on local Wi-Fi networks, which are typically not designed for the level of stability required by a monitoring solution and are often the cause of constant false alarms.

Encompassing the Needs of the Entire Organization

All members of a laboratory, from technicians and scientists to managers, benefit from a monitoring solution that meets their individual needs while supporting the organization as a whole. Scientists and technicians benefit from a monitoring system that protects valuable assets and helps improve experimental conditions and outcomes. Laboratory staff gain a valuable tool that eliminates the need for manual reports and record-keeping, which are time-consuming processes prone to error. This significantly reduces the burden of monitoring and reporting, ensures audit readiness, and can help streamline equipment maintenance schedules. Managers, and the organization as a whole, benefit from much higher visibility into laboratory conditions. Data collection, reporting and trending can also provide a snapshot of how personnel, equipment and environmental parameters interact and fluctuate throughout the workday. This information can be used to identify specific problems or inefficiencies and optimize workflows. XiltriX laboratory monitoring can be customized for numerous parameters, instruments and spatial configurations. Featuring real-time data acquisition and alerts, 24/7 support and SafetyNet team, data analysis and reporting capabilities, XiltriX is a comprehensive service for laboratory monitoring. With XiltriX watching your lab, you can focus on your science.

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