Safeguarding Asset Integrity In a Lab Freezer

XiltriX’s SafetyNet team detected an open freezer door and saved a publicly traded biotech company from San Diego from potential asset loss thanks to 24/7 live system monitoring.

Thank you so much, we didn’t realize it [the freezer] was open!

– Lab Manager, Clinic

Lab Freezer Temperature Monitoring & Door Alarm

The XiltriX system detected an active alarm for an open freezer door at a clinic. Upon receiving notice of the alarm, the SafetyNet agent called the customer immediately to notify of the lab freezer being open and temperature above the normal scope. The customer was on-site and unaware of the situation when SafetyNet called. The customer quickly walked across their facility to inspect the unit and realized the door was wide open.     


8:25 am – Initial freezer alarm triggered by the XiltriX system, automated alert escalation initiated.

9:31 am – Initial phone call to alert customer of the situation.

data graph shows high freezer temperature and door left open


XiltriX Benefits

Mistakes in the lab are inevitable, emphasizing the need for Monitoring-as-a-Service. Even with a reliable, real-time monitoring system in place, relying solely on physical presence may not guarantee that you’ll catch every issue. Users working in regulated environments are sometimes not allowed to have their cell phones with them. Installing audible and visual indicators to signal potential issues can help users avoid missing alarms, especially if they don’t have their phone to receive alerts. Optimal lab management requires partnering with a provider that offers 24/7 live agent support and monitoring for prompt issue alerting. However, it’s important to remember that the effectiveness of any monitoring system is ultimately dependent on the customer’s responsiveness. XiltriX’s SafetyNet serves as a second line of defense, ensuring the system functions seamlessly and alarms are never overlooked.

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What is SafetyNet?

SafetyNet is a team of monitoring experts who provide 24/7 live support. In addition to being on every alarm escalation protocol, the SafetyNet team will assist you with system configuration and administration, troubleshooting, unlimited training, live phone calls, and they’ll act as an extension of your team.

About XiltriX

With 30+ years of monitoring experience, XiltriX are industry experts. XiltriX North America is ISO 9001:2015 and SOC2 Type 1 certified. Book a demo today to learn how XiltriX can save your science.