XiltriX Monitoring-as-a-Service Helps Protect Scientific Assets at San Diego Pharma

Crinetics Pharmaceuticals title

We appreciate the flexibility of the XiltriX solution’s notifications. It helps our team access the information right when we need it.

– Mark Narcy, Facilities & Operations Manager, Crinetics Pharmaceuticals

Crinetics Pharmaceuticals Implements XiltriX Laboratory Monitoring Solution

Crinetics Pharmaceuticals is a San Diego-based pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of novel therapeutics. After a recent transition, Crinetics decided to implement XiltriX, an autonomous, 24/7 laboratory monitoring solution, to help safeguard their state-of-the-art facility, laboratory equipment and valuable research materials.

XiltriX managed monitoring service provides a laboratory monitoring solution that protects valuable scientific assets and equipment by monitoring laboratory devices and ambient parameters in life science facilities. The solution monitors data outputs from a variety of existing lab equipment and sensors–from refrigerators and freezers, cryotanks and incubators, to backup generators and HVAC systems–providing real-time information access, notifications, and reports of any deviations or failures.

Ease of Implementation and Monitoring-as-a-Service

One of the primary reasons for adopting the XiltriX solution is ease of implementation. The XiltriX managed monitoring services team assisted Crinetics in defining and prioritizing needs, helped in evaluating, scoping and designing the system, and provided a clear roadmap to achieving practical, measurable results. All with the goal of fully satisfying laboratory monitoring needs within the parameters of a determined budget.

XiltriX handled the physical installation of the system rapidly, efficiently and without any disruption to Crinetics’ normal operations. At the end of the physical implementation, XiltriX delivered on-site training, as well as step-by-step support in configuring the system and establishing internal alert and escalation protocols.

After the initial implementation, the XiltriX SafetyNet team continuously provides 24/7, real-time monitoring for any system parameter deviations and critical alarm response. In the event of any deviation or failure, XiltriX steps in to ensure users are aware of any issues and in control of the situation, preventing any accidental losses. The SafetyNet team is available in the background as a managed monitoring service to minimize the learning curve and maximize the value of the system.

Reliability and Scalability

The XiltriX solution’s redundant, fail-safe architecture makes it reliable and scalable. The size and scope of the system can grow with Crinetics as they aim to add new equipment and space that requires monitoring at their facility. The compact, modular XiltriX devices are compatible with, and adaptable to a wide range of ever-evolving sensor technology. The devices have a modular design for ease of scalability with wired or wireless connection options. The solution fits seamlessly within the facility and IT departments enjoy the solution’s ease of setup within an existing, secure infrastructure.

Customizable Communications

XiltriX worked closely with Crinetics to determine the appropriate escalation protocols for notifications of alarms and equipment deviations. Defining the proper personnel in the lab is an important part of responding to any deviations or failures effectively. When a monitored parameter deviates from pre-established limits, XiltriX alerts the appropriate user in a variety of ways. Sirens or flashing lights located centrally or near the equipment in the laboratory help notify lab staff when they are physically present. Automated text messages can be sent to a designated user’s mobile phone, with customized escalation protocols in the event of an absence. The Facilities & Operations Manager at Crinetics, Mark Narcy, acknowledged, “We appreciate the flexibility of the XiltriX solution’s notifications. It helps our team access the information right when we need it.”

The XiltriX solution offers comprehensive, real-time information access through a variety of notification platforms. From computers to tablets, smartphones, emails, text messages, even pre-recorded telephone messages sent via automatic dialer. A user’s mobile device can be used to query the system and identify the deviation or failure. E-mail messages can be generated automatically, sent to the user’s computer in the laboratory or at home, where they can view the status of the entire system. Detailed reports, statistics and historical data are available at all times. In the event of a local, or facility-wide power outage, a built-in, 48-hour battery life in the system allows for continuous monitoring without any data loss, until power is restored.

Benefits of XiltriX

There are many apparent benefits to the XiltriX system. Since the implementation in September 2018, Crinetics’ scientific assets are continuously protected and visibility over valuable equipment and operations has increased. Mark Narcy added, “After the initial installation, we were pleased with the results and decided to expand XiltriX to additional areas of our facility.” Protecting additional areas ensures that the entire facility will be properly safeguarded. This complete peace of mind allows end users to sleep well at night knowing that valuable assets, equipment and important research are properly protected by XiltriX.