Commonly Asked Questions

Below is a list of our frequently asked questions.

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How is XiltriX different than other environmental monitoring systems?

XiltriX provides Monitoring-as-a-Service which means we aren’t just selling our customers a system and walking away. We handhold them through the process of implementation, configuration, training, reporting, and ongoing administration, which lifts a significant burden from their shoulders and allows them to focus on their areas of expertise. Throughout the duration of our partnership, all hardware and software upgrades are included, along with any necessary part replacements, maintenance, or troubleshooting. Importantly, our SafetyNet team is there for our customers 24/7 to make sure no critical alarms go unnoticed.


How does pricing work?

XiltriX offers a subscription-based service that includes a professional implementation, all hardware, software, system configuration, and 24/7 live support team.


What parameters can XiltriX monitor?

XiltriX is a flexible monitoring platform that is capable of monitoring most ambient and equipment parameters. Whether it is reporting information from sensors built into equipment, or placing high-quality, independent sensors into devices and environments, XiltriX can monitor virtually any parameter in most applications.


Can you integrate with our existing equipment?

Yes. XiltriX is sensor agnostic which means we are compatible with most kinds of equipment and devices. Contact us to find out if your device can be integrated into our system.


Do you offer both wired and wireless solutions?

Yes. Our system is flexible and we can do wired, wireless, or a hybrid of the two. Each customer works directly with a design engineer to determine an optimal setup for their facility and needs.


Are hardware replacements and upgrades included?

Yes, all hardware replacements and upgrades are included. We source the highest quality hardware available on the market to ensure a reliable and stable monitoring service throughout our partnership. Repairs, replacements, upgrades, and troubleshooting are included in our offering.


How long does it take to replace a part?

Our SafetyNet team is immediately notified of any technical issues with our customers’ systems. If a replacement part is needed, our team will either overnight a new part and assist with the swap over a video call, or we can have boots on the ground within 24 hours if it is a mission-critical replacement that the customer is not comfortable doing themselves. Some of our customers choose to keep certain spare components onsite for critical emergencies.


Does XiltriX have access to any sensitive information?

No. XiltriX does not access, transmit or store any Protected Health Information (PHI) or sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Beyond usernames and passwords for system login and contact information for alarm notifications, XiltriX only transmits and stores the ambient data our sensors collect from your equipment and facility.


Who is the SafetyNet Team and what do they do?

The XitlriX SafetyNet team is our customer service department focused on ensuring system uptime and end-user success. They work hand in hand with our customers to respond to critical alarms, optimize the system, provide training, and administer accounts.


Are there different tiers of support?

No, we do not have different tiers of support. All of our customers benefit from our white-glove service and 24/7 SafetyNet support team.


How long is your response time for support?

For urgent tickets, our average response time is within 30 minutes, though we do have people available 24/7/365 on the customer support line for immediate responses. For all other ticket types, we typically respond within 2 hours.


Are there additional fees for on-site service visits?

No. All maintenance and installation visits are included with the subscription. XiltriX has no hidden fees and works off a monthly subscription plan.


How does calibration work?

XiltriX is not a NIST-accredited calibration company and does not issue NIST calibration certificates. Our customers typically choose to calibrate their sensors in place with their preferred calibration vendor. Our SafetyNet team will work directly with your calibration partner to document any offsets into the software.


Do you provide temperature mapping services?

Yes. We can provide temperature mapping services onsite as part of our installation process or on an ad hoc basis.


Does XiltriX support GxP compliance?

Our platform can be validated to comply with GxP and 21 CFR Part 11 requirements as well as other U.S. and international standards and regulations. Here are a few other standards we comply with: AAALAC, AABB, AATB, CAP, CLIA, GAMP, HAACP, Joint Commission – JCAHO, and USP797.


What support do you provide in validating your system?

We have significant experience supporting your validation process. We will provide comprehensive and well tested IQ/OQ documentation, perform thorough Qualification testing and assist in completing the documentation based on your specific installation. PQ activities, as always, are the responsibility of the customer.