Forecasting Failures Through Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Monitoring

XiltriX’s SafetyNet team predicted two impending freezer failures by analyzing temperature trends and helped prevent asset loss at a research lab in New York. 

Our engineering department cannot resolve the issue. It seems the problem is a failure of the freezer, not power-related. We will empty this right away, thank you!

– Lab Director, Research Lab

ULT Freezer Monitoring

The SafetyNet team was notified of an active freezer alarm indicating that a -80℃ freezer breached its upper limit of -65℃ and was gradually increasing. SafetyNet called the customer in the middle of the night to notify them after they missed the automated alarms. The customer agreed to inspect the unit the following morning and requested to suppress the alarm. Less than an hour later, SafetyNet detected another active alarm for a -80℃ freezer exhibiting the same temperature increase. SafetyNet provided the graphs below to illustrate the increasing temperature trends of the units, signaling the imminent freezer failure and warning the customer before both units failed.

SafetyNet continued the ULT freezer temperature monitoring and reached out the following morning per customer guidance and received confirmation that both units had indeed failed. Hours later during a follow-up call, the customer confirmed that they had successfully relocated assets.


10:57 pm – Initial alarm triggered by the XiltriX system for Unit #1, automated alert escalation starts.

11:13 pm – SafetyNet called the customer and notified them about the freezer alarm and the gradual temperature rise of Unit #1. The customer requested to have the alarm suppressed until the morning and requested a follow-up in the morning.

11:41 pm – SafetyNet followed up with an email summary providing the graphs and confirming alarm suppression until the morning.

12:11 am – Initial alarm triggered by the XiltriX system for Unit #2.

12:33 am – SafetyNet emailed the customer to inform them of a second active freezer alarm for Unit #2.

6:48 am -7:41 am – Per the customer’s request, SafetyNet followed up with the customer. SafetyNet received confirmation that both units had indeed failed. The customer requested another follow-up.

10:32 am – SafetyNet followed up again and the customer confirmed they had enough time to relocate materials to another unit.

ULT freezer monitoring graph showing temperature increase.

Figure 1. The graph illustrates the temperature gradually increasing above limits without recovering for Unit #1.

ULT freezer monitoring graph.

Figure 2. The graph illustrates Unit #2 showing signs of imminent failure as the temperature gradually increases.

XiltriX Benefits

With SafetyNet, you’ll always be one step ahead. Utilizing the XiltriX system data for ULT freezer monitoring allowed for an accurate assessment of the impending freezer failure. This prompted the customer to relocate assets in time and engage their engineering team. Freezers will occasionally fail, but with the XiltriX SafetyNet team, you will always know right away.

What is SafetyNet?

SafetyNet is a team of monitoring experts who provide 24/7 live support. In addition to being on every alarm escalation protocol, the SafetyNet team will assist you with system configuration and administration, troubleshooting, unlimited training, live phone calls, and they’ll act as an extension of your team.

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