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Data on temperature and relative humidity, particle counting and VOCs, as well as other important areas, ensures all equipment and environmental parameters are operating efficiently.

The system gives us the security that we are in constant control of all our equipment and facility conditions. If there are any deviations, we are notified immediately and appropriate action can be taken.

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Lab Monitoring Services for Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Companies

Keeping your IP safe and secure is critical to the success of any business, especially in the hyper-competitive, highly regulated biotechnology, and pharmaceutical spaces. On top of that, variance without a way of troubleshooting can stifle any research. These organizations require 24/7/365 vigilance.


The good news is that you don’t have to add staff or heavily modify your facility to ensure you’re always “in the loop.” With XiltriX, you can enjoy a customized laboratory monitoring service that fits your industry, company, process, and IP. Our goal is to help you remain innovative and ensure quality and compliance with various regulatory agencies, governing bodies and guidelines such as: FDA, GxP, GAMP, CAP, CLIA, AAALAC, AABB, HACCP, Joint Commission, USP797, and others.


More than Typical Lab Monitoring Solutions and Platforms

XiltriX provides more than other monitoring solutions. With 24/7 monitoring-as-a-Service, XiltriX acts as an autonomous, SafetyNet for all laboratory equipment and ambient parameters in Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical industries. XiltriX can be fully validated and supports compliance for necessary quality and regulatory standards. XiltriX monitors data from equipment and facility conditions in real-time for any amount of laboratory sensors, assets, and equipment.


To learn more about how XiltriX can ensure your lab’s critical assets and equipment are protected 24/7/365, schedule a free lab consultation with one of our experts.

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