Cryobanks / Blood Banks

Accurate, detailed, and valuable data from cold storage devices utilized in blood banks, tissue banks, and biobanks to help enable preventive maintenance and provide savings in time and costs.

Whether you’re looking to understand recovery times, compressor cycles, or door openings, XiltriX is a one-stop solution.

Lab Monitoring Services for Cryobanking and Blood Banking

Cryobanking and blood banking: two different segments, but with very similar security and regulatory needs. Because if assets like blood and tissue are improperly stored, they can be ruined and — in so many cases — are irreplaceable.


If you manage a cryobank or blood bank, knowing all is well (all day every day) is critical not only to peace of mind, but to “pace of business.” And the variables and parameters attached to blood and tissue, which must be constantly monitored and controlled, are nearly countless. It’s not just physical assets, either. In addition to storage of blood, tissue, and biological samples, you must ensure the safety, security, and proper functioning of storage devices and equipment, all of which typically require strict adherence to a multitude of regulations.


With a custom cryobank and blood bank monitoring service from XiltriX, you can now enjoy peace of mind without having to add a full-time security staff. We’ll provide the hardware, software, reporting, and support team to keep a watchful eye on your most valuable assets, no matter where you may be.


A Custom Monitoring Solution for Cryobanks and Blood Banks

There have been major technological breakthroughs in blood bank, tissue bank, and biobank collection and storage. In addition, cryobanking storage is increasing rapidly worldwide in both liquid nitrogen storage as well as vapor phase storage. For all of these areas, maintaining quality is key. Ensuring the standard operating procedures from the moment the blood is received has immense impact on the quality of the product.


XiltriX provides accurate, detailed, and valuable data from cold storage devices utilized in blood banks, tissue banks, and biobanks. Organizations use this data to derive important insights on devices through predictive analytics, enabling preventive maintenance and providing savings in time and costs. The XiltriX managed monitoring services include an autonomous, 24/7 laboratory monitoring solution that keeps a pulse on critical parameters for blood banks, tissue banks, and biobanks. The XiltriX SafetyNet team implements, configures, and manages the system for you, alleviating the burden of allocating internal resources to managing a monitoring system and allowing personnel to focus on more important scientific processes.


XiltriX can be fully validated and is compliant with all industry quality and regulatory standards. XiltriX checks data in real-time for any amount of laboratory sensors, assets, and equipment. The system gathers data from sensor points securely in the cloud and generates public or personal alarms when any parameter deviates from set limits. The system is designed with redundant architecture and multiple layers of safety to prevent any data loss or downtime.


To learn more about how XiltriX can ensure your lab’s critical assets and equipment are protected 24/7/365, schedule a free lab consultation with one of our experts.

Through XiltriX we could ascertain that one of our platelet agitators suddenly stopped working and we prevented a loss of product.

Dr. Menon , Blood Bank Medical Director

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