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Hospitals and healthcare facilities are exacting environments.

From ensuring air quality in operating rooms to securing maternity and ICU wards, to maintaining proper temperature levels in pharmaceutical storage facilities, the quality control needs within hospitals and the overall healthcare industry are as varied as they are critical.


We were baffled to receive an alarm from XiltriX for one of our -80°C freezers, even though it showed -68°C on the display. When we got our person onsite to check with another probe, it turned out the built-in display had a malfunction and wasn’t showing the correct data. If it wasn’t for the XiltriX SafetyNet team, we could have lost the whole freezer.

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Hospital & Healthcare Facility Quality Control

The need for air quality control in the modern hospital is critical. For instance, airborne microorganisms can cause infection, or worse, humidity shifts can affect highly sensitive, calibrated operating equipment, and “human factors”, such as bacteria or other volatile compounds, can unknowingly be carried by people into otherwise clean rooms.


The needs are further complicated as almost every healthcare facility consists of dozens of departments, each with different requirements for internal environments. The immunocompromised patients in the ICU are under the same bare rooftop as staff working in billing and operations, but they both have wildly different requirements regarding what is considered a safe and secure environment.


An administrator or safety officer typically must have dozens of approaches to ensuring a safe, clean environment throughout any given facility.


Compliance and Safety are Full-time Tasks

Keeping a healthcare facility’s or hospital’s working environments safe is made even more complicated by ensuring they’re up-to-code as well. There may be no wholly and carefully regulated industry than healthcare, and every machine and methodology is often subject to rigorous scrutiny.


There are standards for air and water filtration, utilities, equipment, and staff that must be adhered to 24/7. It is a full-time job within each department–sometimes, within each room–to ensure environments are safe and compliant. An entire facility requires constant monitoring, and each unique department requires a unique approach.


This is where XiltriX can help.


A Connected Monitoring Solution

While a hospital or healthcare facility may have many moving parts, those parts need to move as a whole.


This is what makes it mission-critical to have a hospital environmental monitoring system in place that is flexible enough to be calibrated to the specific needs of specific departments, while still connecting the facility as a whole. E.g., a nurse may only need data from a single cold storage unit storing medicine, while a department leader will need data from ALL cold storage units. The XiltriX system empowers each user according to their needs, while also enabling total oversight of the entire ecosystem.


Our hospital/healthcare facility quality control solution is a custom service for every client. The service is highly configurable at an organizational level, a departmental level, and even at the level of an individual fridge or user.


Additionally, we ensure compliance with the most complex US and international regulatory standards (such as USP797 and AABB). We help create an audit trail as easy as point and click. All critical data is instantly available via actionable dashboards, and alerts are quickly sent to critical personnel.


From the waiting room to the operating room, XiltriX has you completely covered. Contact us for a free consultation.

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