Collect accurate information and reports on equipment and conditions throughout the entire facility and ensure all biological samples in incubators are secured at all times. 


Lab Monitoring Services for IVF

IVF (in vitro fertilization) is one of the fastest-growing healthcare services, with ever-evolving technologies and growing lab operations. As your clinic looks to add more cryotanks, incubators, or processes, you need a monitoring platform that is scalable, flexible, and customizable for your needs. Future proof. 

Embryos and growth media require stable conditions for viable development. Any deviations can be detrimental to quality and viability, and all laboratory equipment and environmental conditions must be continuously managed and monitored to prevent any damages or losses to the potential hope for a family. There’s always a lot at stake.

For complete peace of mind, leading fertility clinics across the globe turn to XiltriX. As a comprehensive monitoring service, XiltriX partners with lab directors and clinicians to consolidate systems and provide a single source of truth to what’s going on in their lab.


A Comprehensive, Custom Lab Monitoring Service for Fertility Clinics

The XiltriX service provides the most accurate information and reports on equipment and conditions. XiltriX fits seamlessly into IVF laboratory quality control and compliance procedures, providing complete traceability and precise, accurate data that is required for audits and compliance with regulatory guidelines, like CAP and CLIA. XiltriX protects IVF clinics in real-time, protecting patients’ dreams of having a family.

To learn more about how XiltriX can ensure your lab’s critical assets and equipment are protected 24/7/365, schedule a free lab consultation with one of our experts.

With XiltriX real-time monitoring, I can see my entire network, any alarms, and how everything is operating whenever and wherever. Being able to also decide and share level of access to my control managers gives them the needed insight on where minor equipment adjustments should be made. This helps us optimize each one of our labs to make fundamental improvements for everyone in our IVF laboratory.

John Whitney, Director of Fertility Storage Solutions, Ovation Fertility

Dr. Xil T-Rex in a lab coat

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