Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

In an industry where products are extremely sensitive to variation, it’s critical for pharma manufacturers to control stability and provide quality controls. Therefore, it’s essential to have real-time insight into all equipment and environment parameters to ensure a predictable environment 24/7.

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A Single Source of Truth

Many pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities have dozens of departments. Each of these may have different requirements for internal environments and equipment. Staff have varying access needs, standards to adhere to, and require instant access to important information.


Take cleanrooms, for example. Air quality must be constantly tested for temperature, humidity, differential pressure, and airborne particulates. All of these, if imbalanced, can cause quality to drop during manufacturing processes.


Remote real-time monitoring of cleanrooms. Hover over the parameters to learn more.


Compliance for Pharma Manufacturers

As producers of products where the smallest variability can have negative consequences for the end-user, pharma manufacturing needs a fully validatable system that supports compliance with the most stringent regulations and standards.


FDA lab compliance is especially important. Implementing SOPs and fail-safe monitoring methods to ensure that samples or assets are maintained, stored, and incubated at the appropriate temperature and humidity is critical.


When it comes time for an audit, it’s essential for quality teams to have all the data in one system. By working with a monitoring partner, it’s easy to discover what data is actionable and how to create audit-ready reports.


More Than a Typical Monitoring Solution

XiltriX provides more than other monitoring solutions. As a sensor-agnostic monitoring service, XiltriX provides a single source of truth for all manufacturing equipment and ambient parameters in pharma manufacturing. Monitoring-as-a-Service means XiltriX offers a 24/7 live support team to alert you of any alarms and provide quality support for your needs.


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