24/7 Real-time Lab Monitoring & Support

Having a robust environmental monitoring system (EMS) in place is vital. By integrating multiple sensors with XiltriX’s monitoring service, you have a safeguard that can ensure operational oversight, quality control, proper recordkeeping, and provide better insight into laboratory operations.

As monitoring service providers for 30+ years, our team will address all of your equipment, environmental, and facility monitoring needs with 24/7 support to create a more precise, stable, and measured environment.

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Remote real-time updates on every inch of a facility. Hover over the tablet to learn more. 

  • 24/7 Real-time

    Monitoring facility conditions and equipment critical to the integrity of your science

  • Industrial Grade

    System built with industrial grade hardware and sensors to comply with the highest US and international standards

  • Cloud Platform

    Access the lab remotely from anywhere on any device

  • Customizable Quality Reports

    With data at your fingertips, create custom reports specific to your needs

  • 24/7 Service & Support

    The XiltriX SafetyNet Team acts as a last line of defense against missing critical alarms, and as an expert resource to help you understand and control ambient parameters in your environment.

24/7 Real-time

Monitoring facility conditions and equipment critical to the integrity of your science

The system gives us the security that we are in constant control of all our equipment and facility conditions.
If there are any deviations, we are notified immediately and appropriate action can be taken.

Research Scientist, Global Biotechnology Company

Hardware, Sensors, and More

We offer a complete service. That means that in addition to a real-time remote monitoring platform, XiltriX also offers a wide range of hardware and sensors to accurately collect and deliver mission-critical data about the security of your facilities and equipment, and the integrity of your laboratory environment.


    Our sensors cover temperatures from -200°C to +1000°C


    Digital differential pressure transmitters for ambient pressure monitoring

  • CO2 AND O2

    Vital for life science incubators, cold storage facilities, and other applications requiring CO2 monitoring


    Measure relative humidity in CO2 incubators, refrigerators, or (clean)rooms


    Particle counters for biosafety and cleanroom areas


    Measure water purity


    Monitor durations of doors being open, get alerts if an incubator or freezer is left open, and see trends of recovery


    Monitor shaking movement in a variety of devices

This is only a short list of our most common sensors. Please call us at (858) 208-0368 to understand the breadth of our offering.

The XiltriX Difference