Power Consumption For Cold Storage

Power consumption monitoring is essential for cold storage units. Gain full visibility into your equipment’s energy usage, ensure scientific reproducibility, and protect your lab against catastrophic failures.

Why Do Labs Implement Power Consumption Monitoring?

  • Lowering electricity cost
  • Managing operational expenses
  • Minimizing carbon footprint
  • Optimizing maintenance programs
  • Mitigating heat exhaust 
  • Decreasing temperature variability
  • Reducing noise

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Preserve Capital

  • Insight into equipment performance and cost-effectiveness
  • Estimate maintenance and repair budgets
  • Facilitates robust warranty claims with energy usage data
  • Compare energy consumption between manufacturers
  • Informed decision-making on equipment purchases
  • Cost savings through data-driven decision-making

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By trending data over time, potential equipment failures can be predicted. Evaluating current consumption along with temperature, and door contact data creates a comprehensive tool for detecting failing components in cold storage units. This allows laboratories to identify specific problems, such as condenser motors that require excessive starting torque, or compressor fans that are failing.

About XiltriX

With 30+ years of monitoring experience, XiltriX North America are industry experts, ISO 9001 and SOC 2 Type 2. 

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  • No Missed Alarms
  • Improve Operational Oversight
  • Seamless Integration
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