See How We Protect Your Science

What To Expect In Your Free Demo?

• All your questions answered on the best practices for remote laboratory monitoring
• Interactive presentation explaining Monitoring-as-a-Service
• Software demo of our data-centric, OEM agnostic monitoring platform
• Review of our industrial-grade sensors and hardware
• In-depth overview of the 24/7 Live Support Team dedicated to monitoring your facility
• No commitment whatsoever

What makes our Service Different From Other Solutions?

No one installs software anywhere: it’s licensed as a service. Just like XiltriX. Why pay for hardware that’ll be obsolete in a few years?
Why limit your options? XiltriX offers a scalable service at a predictable cost that requires no infrastructure investment for our clients.
Here are a few other ways we’re different.

Cloud-based, with a central management, web and mobile GUI interface.
Frequently logging-based (contains fragmented architecture). Limited configurability, usually not centrally managed.
Utilizes the latest software and data security protocols, role-based access levels, and central management systems.
Many others use premise-based software that is often outdated and not user-friendly.
Multiple levels of redundancy in power, connectivity, and alarm escalation protocols. Built-in, 48-hr battery in case of power failure.
Due to limited nature, single points of failure are extremely common.
Unlimited, with modular architecture. Easily set up and add new end-points or locations.
Contain limited to very few hundred end-points.
Real-time, minimum of every minute, pinging every second in an event of an alarm.
Updates occur every 15 to 60 minutes. No-real time data.
Immediate alarm system with cascading escalation protocols that include e-mail, SMS, and phone. Alarms are monitored at all times to ensure timely response.
Loggers push data to transceiver periodically. If the network is congested, there is a risk of alarm signals not being properly received or even dropped.