Understanding the Meaning of Alarms Saved Assets in 12 CO₂ Incubators

XiltriX’s SafetyNet team addressed 12 CO₂ incubator alarms at a publicly traded life science facility in California, averting a potentially costly failure.

I’m getting text notifications for several alarms in the lab and I don’t know what they mean. Can you please help me?

– Lab Manager

Preventing Asset Loss for 12 Incubators

The customer received numerous alarm notifications from the XiltriX system, indicating that 12 incubators were in alarm. Initially, the customer assumed that there was a connectivity drop or a technical issue since the incubators went into alarm all at once, and a visit to the lab might not be necessary as long as the system “reconnected.” The customer reached out to SafetyNet seeking confirmation and guidance on how to interpret the alarms and address the situation.

During the call, the SafetyNet agent guided the customer through potential root causes, mentioning possibilities ranging from power failure to issues related to CO₂ levels or a manifold failing to switch over. SafetyNet also clarified that these were not connectivity alarms but rather incubator status alarms. These alarms indicate whether the incubator is in a “normal” or “abnormal” state. This type of alarm does not offer detailed values such as temperature, emphasizing a more generalized indication of the incubator’s operational status.

Since SafetyNet confirmed that the alarms were real and unrelated to a connectivity issue, the customer determined it was necessary to drive to the lab. The customer notified SafetyNet of an estimated one-hour arrival time.

Upon arriving at the lab, the customer informed SafetyNet that the CO₂ manifold failed to switch over but had now been successfully reconnected. SafetyNet verified that the units were transitioning back to a “normal” status. Shortly thereafter, SafetyNet sent a final text confirmation to the customer assuring them that all units had returned to stable conditions.


9:21 pm – The customer is notified that 12 incubators are in alarm and contacts SafetyNet seeking guidance.

9:27 pm – SafetyNet returns the call and assists the customer in identifying potential root causes. The customer goes to the lab for an on-site inspection, SafetyNet offers assistance during their visit.

10:17 pm – Once in the lab, the customer sends a text update to SafetyNet, reporting that the CO₂ is disconnected and proceeds to reconnect the manifold to a full tank.

10:20 pm – SafetyNet confirms that the units are returning to a “normal” status.

10:36 pm – SafetyNet sends a final text confirmation indicating that all units have been successfully restored to “normal” status.


While reliable monitoring systems are crucial, the true value of SafetyNet becomes evident when customers encounter alarms and struggle to interpret them accurately. The invaluable assistance and support from SafetyNet ensure that no alarm goes unnoticed or misinterpreted, providing customers with complete operational oversight of their lab.

To enhance manifold monitoring, XiltriX offers two effective solutions to address this issue for customers: monitoring the gas manifold directly or implementing inline gas pressure monitoring to ensure a continuous gas flow between the manifold and the incubators. The use of digital manifold systems enhances the overall comprehension of manifold operations, providing customers with clear visibility into both in/out pressures and specific levels.

XiltriX Benefits

The customer immediately turned to SafetyNet as their trusted second line of defense. The customer knew that a live agent would respond quickly and would be equipped with the necessary subject matter expertise to navigate the critical moment effectively. This case study highlights the importance of Monitoring-as-a-Service and emphasizes the impact of partnering with a provider that not only monitors your lab but also provides continuous guidance and support for your team – whether they are physically present in the lab or not. Even with a reliable monitoring system in place, the most experienced lab managers can run into situations they’ve never encountered before or might second guess themselves. 

Customers can rely on the XiltriX SafetyNet team to promptly notify them of leaks, gas pressure drops, and any system errors. SafetyNet is also a reliable resource for customers, offering assistance in training new technicians or scientists as their team expands. The value of live agent support cannot be overstated in situations like these. 

What is SafetyNet?

SafetyNet is a team of monitoring experts who provide 24/7 live support. In addition to being on every alarm escalation protocol, the SafetyNet team will assist you with system configuration and administration, troubleshooting, unlimited training, live phone calls, and they’ll act as an extension of your team.

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